Occupational Health Clinic

We understand what worries you as an employer. We know how things like lost time, testing errors, OSHA recordables and high-cost referrals affect your bottom line.  We cure worry.


We Cure Inconvenience. With over 30 occupational health clinic locations, extended and weekend hours and round-the-clock testing, we’re there for you and your employees when accidents happen, ready to treat your employees promptly. We offer services from CLIA-waived blood work labs to a variety of on-site services. 


Need to authorize an employee to visit one of our clinics? View our occupational health clinic authorization form.  


We Cure Impersonal Partnerships. Knowing every business is different, we customize our solutions to your business’ specific protocols and preferences.  We build a relationship with you and keep you informed so you can effectively run your business.


We Cure Out of Control Costs. We are dedicated to getting your employees back to full duty as soon as possible, keeping your bottom line in mind and treating a variety of non-emergency illnesses and injuries to minimize outside referrals.


Our Occupational Health clinics help you get the results your company needs. We:

  • Help minimize OSHA recordables
  • Reduce lost time rates
  • Get employees back to full duty fast
  • Reduce average cost per case
  • Have a low Physical Therapy referral rate
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Physical Therapy
  • Lab Testing
  • Medical Exams

Workers’ Compensation

Physicians Urgent Care helps your employees get back to full duty as quickly and easily as possible. Our founder and Chief Medical Officer is board certified in Occupational Medicine, and the team is composed of experts in the field of Workers' Compensation treatment and care who pride themselves in prompt employee recovery. Physicians Urgent Care will help you contain your costs, avoiding things such as unnecessary ER trips. Our locations are open for extended hours in the evenings and on weekends, making Physicians Urgent Care occupational health clinics an easily accessible expert. 


We’ll keep you informed every step of the way so you know the specific status of each employee. Our providers will call your company on every first visit, and you’ll receive a report within 24 hours of an employee being treated. You’ll know our doctors personally and we’ll ensure you’re comfortable with the treatment plan.

Physical Therapy

Whether you are recovering from an on the job injury or suffering from chronic aches and pains, our physical therapy team can help. We use an attentive, one-on-one approach to help you get on the road to a faster and more thorough recovery.  We also help employers provide pre-employment testing and on-site safety and ergonomic training.


For more information, visit our one on one physical therapy page. 

Lab Testing

In addition to drug and alcohol testing, all of our clinics have convenient CLIA waived blood work lab testing to meet the majority of general health care needs, including:


  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP)
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
  • Health Profile (includes total cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure)
  • Lipid Panel
  • Nicotine
  • Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA)
  • Total Cholesterol
  • Urinalysis


Medical Exams

Our clinical and physical therapy team can help you determine if your employees or new hire candidates are physically able to perform work-related tasks. Satisfy many of your pre-employment health care needs in one place.



  • Asbestos
  • Executive physicals
  • Firefighter
  • Fitness for Duty
  • Functional Capacity Exam (FCE)
  • HazMat
  • Merchant Mariner
  • Respirator Surveillance Clearance
  • School Bus Driver


For more information, call our Corporate Services Department at (815) 654-2300.

  • After Hours Services
  • Work-site Services
  • Drug & Alcohol Screens
  • DOT Services

After Hours Services

Accidents and injuries at the workplace are never convenient, but our overnight services are, and can help you keep your business running smoothly. In select areas, we offer our established, pre-approved clients After Hours Services for:


  • Drug Testing
  • Alcohol Testing
  • Minor Injury First Aid and Triage to Assess Severity


Available 24 hours x 7 days a week in the Chicago and Rockford area.

Work-site Services

We can perform a wide range of services at your facility, because sometimes it's just easier for us to come to you.


  • Alcohol Testing
  • Audio Tests
  • Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure (BBPE) Training
  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • CPR Training
  • Drug Testing
  • Ergonomic Site Evaluations
  • First Responder Training
  • Health Fairs
  • Immunizations, including flu shots
  • Labs
  • Proper lifting techniques and body mechanics class
  • Pulmonary Function Test
  • Respirator Fit Testing
  • Titmus Vision Screening
  • Wellness Presentations


For information, call our Corporate Services Department at (815) 654-2300.

Drug & Alcohol Screens

All of our occupational health clinics are fully equipped to safely and discretely conduct various substance-abuse tests. Our qualified clinical staff members are DATIA certified and focus on accuracy, security and confidentiality, and provide quick results you can count on.


Alcohol Testing

  • Breathalyzer (Non-DOT Alcohol Testing)
  • EBT (Evidential Breath Test)
  • Blood alcohol


Drug Testing

  • 10-Panel Test
  • 9-Panel Test
  • 5-Panel Test
  • Rapid Test
  • Hair Follicle
  • Drug Screen Collection Services
  • Random Consortium Programs


For more information, call our Corporate Services Department at (815) 654-2300.


DOT Services

Physicians Urgent Care offers a full array of DOT-regulated services.


  • DOT Physical Exams
  • DOT Recertification Physical
  • NIDA-DOT Substance Abuse Testing (drug & alcohol)
  • DOT Random Drug Test Consortium Programs


For more information, call our Corporate Services Department at (815) 654-2300.