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Brittany Berens

Physician Assistant

Care you can count on right around the corner

Providing Safe Care in Our Clinic

For your protection, our clinics follow all CDC regulations and have recently been updated with rigorous cleaning and safety measures.

Why Urgent Care?

care from the heart

Between family, work and an ever-growing to-do list, you have enough on your plate. When immediate illnesses and injuries arise, it’s not always possible or convenient to make a doctor’s appointment. And, often it’s not serious enough for the ER. That’s why we’re here. Our goal is to “care from the heart” and bring peace of mind to the communities we serve. So the next time a health concern has you wondering “Is it serious?” or “Should I have a doctor look at this?” – stop by.


hear from our patients

12/23/2021 08:41:40 AM
“The staff was very professional and attentive to my needs! I appreciate that very much!!! The precautions taken to safeguard my health while in the facility was also exceptional! Kudos!”
12/23/2021 11:35:22 AM
“Yes, tell them from our family to theirs, to have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year. And thank you for saving lives. Be safe”
12/23/2021 12:08:04 PM
“So friendly and welcoming even though they knew I had covid. They took me seriously and treated me with kindness.”
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