13 Halloween Safety Tips

pumpkinsThe best way to enjoy Halloween, and avoid any visits to your local urgent care, is to take precautions before the day arrives, then follow safe practices while trick-or-treating or attending parties. Here are some tips to ensure you and your family have a fun and safe Halloween this year:


  1. Pumpkin carving should always be closely supervised by adults and small children should never carve pumpkins. Instead, have them draw a face with markers and have an adult cut it.
  2. As always, use your best judgment around sharp objects, such as knives and other carving tools.
  3. Be very careful when lighting your jack-o-lantern. Consider using a flashlight, glow stick, or flameless candle. If you do choose to use a real candle, never leave it unattended and keep it away from curtains or any flammable objects.


  1. Avoid oversized costumes to prevent tripping, entanglement, or contact with flame.
  2. Choose soft, flexible props and accessories to avoid accidental injury.
  3. Purchase flame-resistant costumes.
  4. Masks may impair one’s vision, so consider a safer alternative such as face paint or makeup. You may want to test it beforehand by applying a small portion to your skin to make sure that it does not cause a reaction or irritate you.

Trick or Treating

  1. Be sure to keep an eye out for cars. On average, children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween than on any other day of the year.
  2. Always cross at crosswalks and follow traffic signals.
  3. Try to walk on well-lit streets.family-in-leaves
  4. Stay on the sidewalk.
  5. Remember to carry a flashlight or glow stick.
  6. Trick or treat in familiar neighborhoods.

Urgent care providers, like Physicians Immediate Care, offer convenient locations, no appointment needed, and hours that fit busy schedules. They can help with most Halloween-related or other injuries and are open from 8am-8pm on Halloween.




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