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Flu Shot Coupons

Flu shots are available at all Physician Immediate Care clinics. While most flu shots and nasal spray flu vaccines are manufactured using egg-based technology, at Physicians Immediate Care, we use a recombinant vaccine (Flucelvax) which is completely egg free. If you are concerned about specific additives, this vaccine is free of formaldehyde, antibiotics, gluten, gelatin, latex, thimerosal, and other preservatives. We're choosing to use this egg-free vaccine because we believe it may work better than the egg-based vaccines with less adverse effects. Note: Flucelvax is approved for anyone older than 2. Flu Shot coupons will be available in September 2021.

Illinois Patients

PIC Flu Shot Coupon

Indiana/Wisconsin Patients

PUC Flu Shot Coupon

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