Is the COVID-19 vaccine effective?

Yes, the COVID-19 vaccine is effective. Clinical trials have shown that the Moderna vaccine reaches 94% effectiveness two weeks after the second dose, and the Pfizer vaccine reaches 95% effectiveness one week after the second dose.

The Johnson & Johnson one-dose vaccine reached 72% efficacy, after only two weeks, in the United States.  Vaccine efficacy for the J&J vaccine increases steadily after administration,  and at 56 days after inoculation, to 90-95% effectiveness.

Comparing the efficacy of the three vaccines is like comparing apples to oranges.  The clinical trials were held at different points in time (the J&J vaccine was tested when the recent variants had started making the rounds), and the trials were testing for different outcomes.

At Physicians Immediate Care, we have complete confidence in all 3 of the vaccines being offered.