Can I be re-tested for COVID-19 after a positive result?

If you have COVID-19 or have had it recently, you might be wondering if you should get retested. Common reasons to seek a new test can include new symptoms or a request by your employer. Whatever your situation, Physicians Immediate Care can provide the quality medical care you need.

When can I get retested for COVID-19?

Please come see us if you develop symptoms of COVID-19 after a previous infection. We have a variety of testing options that can be used to accurately determine your COVID-19 infection status.

After your body has fought off a COVID-19 infection, the inactive viral matter may stay in your body for several weeks. During this time, molecular COVID-19 tests (PCR/NAAT) may return false-positive results. This means that your test may indicate that you have the illness, even though you have recovered and are not contagious. Unfortunately, this means that molecular COVID-19 tests are of limited value in the first several weeks after you have been infected. We do not recommend that you be retested for COVID-19 to prove that you have recovered.

What if I have new COVID-19 symptoms?

If you have recovered from a COVID-19 infection but develop new symptoms, talk to your healthcare provider. Please feel free to visit us at Physicians Immediate Care. An experienced provider will ask about your symptoms, take your medical history, and perform an exam. Our provider will assess your COVID-19 risk and make a testing recommendation. We have multiple testing options available that can be used in different cases to obtain the most accurate result. At this time, our provider will also advise you on your next steps, including instructions for treatment and isolation if necessary.

What if my employer wants me to get retested for COVID-19?

If your employer asks for proof that it is safe for you to come back to work, the same process applies. We follow the CDC’s proven return-to-work guidelines. Employers can learn more about the return to work process here.