What can I safely do after I have been vaccinated?

According to Dr. Fauci, Director of the NIAD, getting vaccinated doesn’t give you a free pass to resume your pre-pandemic life. No vaccine guarantees perfect immunity against a virus. However, it does offer the chance to broaden the activities you used to do. While it is encouraged to continue to wear masks in public places and avoid large crowds, some things you can resume after being vaccinated are:

• Going to the doctor or dentist
• Getting a haircut
• Visiting with family and friends who have been vaccinated.
• Visiting the library
• Having an in-person meeting with co-workers who have been vaccinated
• Swimming, jogging, walking, horseback riding, etc.
• Hugging a loved one
• Outdoor dining, or dining indoors at restaurants that are complying with the state’s occupancy rules.