When foreign objects (such as wood splinters, thorns, glass or nails) penetrate your skin or eyes, it can result in pain, bleeding and infection. In minor cases, you can carefully remove foreign objects yourself through first aid. However, if the object is deeply embedded, do not remove it. Seek medical attention instead. You should also see a doctor if the object is hard to remove, or if the wound is deep or dirty and you haven’t received a tetanus shot in more than five years.

In non-emergency situations, our healthcare providers can help with:

  • Removing splinters and foreign objects, including those deeply embedded in the skin and muscle
  • Treating eye injuries and removing objects from the eye
  • Safely removing foreign objects from the ears and nose
  • Providing bandages, antibiotics, tetanus shots and other care as needed

Don’t wait to seek help for these injuries. Our clinics are open extended hours to serve you when you need it, where you need it.