Here’s What You Need to Know About Monkeypox

The CDC is tracking an outbreak of monkeypox that has spread across several countries that don’t usually report monkeypox, including the United States. Because this is a rapidly changing virus, we have created some helpful links to the CDC website about monkeypox.

Who is prominently at risk for monkeypox?

What symptoms do patients with monkeypox present with? 

How is monkeypox transmitted?

Who should be tested for monkeypox?

What other diseases could look like monkeypox?

Where do I go to test for monkeypox?

How much does it cost to be tested for monkeypox?

o Self-Pay Patients

  • $165 in Indiana and Illinois or $175 in Wisconsin plus an additional outside lab fee of $175. Depending on your state, the visit will total $340 or $350.

o Insured Patients

  • The services will be submitted to your insurance and billed at contracted rates; the patient amount due will be based on your insurance plan.

For more information, visit the CDC’s monkeypox page.