Employee Health & Safety

Welcome to Physicians Immediate/Urgent Care,

In order to promote and maintain a safe and healthy environment for our employees, patients
and visitors, the following vaccinations or proof of immunity, are required prior to beginning

  • Hepatitis B Vaccines x 3, Titer showing immunity, or Declination statement
  • QuantiFERON titer
  • MMR Vaccines x 2 or Titer showing immunity to: Rubeola, Mumps, and Rubella
  • Varicella Vaccines x 2 or Titer showing immunity
  • Influenza Vaccine if hired September – March.
  • Tdap Booster, recommended every 10 years
  • COVID-19 Vaccine, strongly recommended
    (2-doses for Moderna & Pfizer, 1-dose for Johnson & Johnson)

To save time and a needle stick, please send Employee Health a copy of your askriskmgt@wellnow.com immunization

If records cannot be obtained, PIC will provide you with either titers or vaccinations
depending on employee needs.

If you have any questions, please contact Employee Health at askriskmgt@wellnow.com. We look
forward to working with you.

Employee Health Team