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Jessica Lehman

I am a Multi-Site Manager, overseeing our offices in Six Corners, Edgewater, and Lincoln & Peterson, all in Illinois. My days are varied. Some days, for example, I spend time on the floor watching the work flow and analyzing the efficiency of the clinic. Other days, I may be in my office working on administrative tasks, such as scheduling, ordering supplies, and answering staff member inquiries.

I first interviewed for a “float” position for our Bolingbrook, Plainfield North, and Plainfield South locations and was offered the job in July 2016. During my interview, I mentioned I was getting my Master’s degree in Business Administration and that I was looking to grow with the company.

As I was finishing my new hire training for that position, a different full-time Patient Care Coordinator position opened up at the same location. The Clinic General Manager asked if I was interested in applying.

From the start, I fell in love with the busy pace and the welcoming, hard-working team, so I applied right after my shift was over.

One of our leaders, our Regional Operations Director, heard I was pursuing my MBA. PIC must have seen potential in me, because she began teaching me management skills in April 2017 and I came in an extra day a week to work with her. I applied for the Multi-Site Manager position for our Chicago North office and was offered the role in August 2017. I hope I can continue to grow with PIC—I really love working for PIC, and I am thankful for the opportunities I have been given.

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