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Jessica Lehman

I am a regional operations director, overseeing 17 of our clinics in the Chicago and Wisconsin areas. I work very closely with the multi-site managers in these areas, and provide support and guidance to them on various operations items. This includes their development, clinic processes, patient experience, and employee performance. Additionally, I collaborate with our VP of clinic operations and my colleagues to develop new processes and improve clinic efficiency.

My career path with PIC started when I joined them as a patient care coordinator in July 2016. About a year later, I applied and interviewed for a multi-site manager position with our Chicago North offices. I was offered the role in August 2017. From there, I worked very hard to build great teams within the clinics by supporting the staff and cultivating a culture of accountability and teamwork. As a result, my clinics had low employee turnover, growth in patient volume, and high CSAT (patient satisfaction) scores. This ultimately helped lead to my promotion to regional operations director (ROD).

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