Physicians Immediate Care, now part of WellNow Urgent Care, offers Onsite Virtual Care. The same great care as an in-person provider visit. It’s delivered through a combination of in-person and advanced virtual care. All onsite telehealth consultations are staffed by a full medical team that works in conjunction with virtual Advanced Practice Providers to evaluate and treat an extensive list of non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses. Testing and on-site x-rays are also available.

Reasons to Use Onsite Virtual Care

Reduced wait time. A medical provider may be able to see you now virtually.
Same exceptional care as a traditional visit
Complete and comprehensive diagnosis
Lab and X-rays available
Prescribing capabilities
Visit and costs are the same as in-clinic fees

What to Expect During an Onsite Virtual Care Visit

Confirmation by one of our trained Patient Care Technicians (PCT) or Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) that telemedicine is an option for your visit today.
You will be taken to an exam room equipped with a telemedicine cart that allows the remote provider to evaluate you and direct the nurse to complete the physical exam.
The telemedicine cart is equipped with all the diagnostic tools needed to perform a thorough exam, including an otoscope, digital stethoscope, and exam camera.
The nurse assists the remote provider in completing the physical exam.
The remote provider may order any applicable tests or labs you might need.
You will be provided with a diagnosis and any relevant instructions.

What can be treated

Runny nose
Sinus congestion
Sinus pain
Asthma exacerbations
Ear pain
Sore throat
Cold sores
Pink eye (goopy eyes)
Twisted ankles
Insect bites and stings
Fever or chills
Medication refills
Pain with urination
Urinary tract infections
Diarrhea without abdominal pain
Nausea/Vomiting without abdominal pain


The staff were patient and kind, even though they only have one physician physically in the office. Highly recommend the virtual physician if you know what’s wrong - it can reduce your wait time. A nurse in the room helps with the virtual visit in an exam room, and they have technology that allows the person on the video to see your ears and throat.

It was a virtual visit. But they were very efficient. They took the samples they needed and sent them to the doctor. I was put in a room with the virtual doctor and she answered all my questions and gave suggestions. All within a half hour. All the staff were friendly and helpful.

Always a great experience. Caring staff and quick and easy care. Loved the Telehealth with the nurse in the room with me. Highly recommend!


Does Onsite Virtual Care treat patients of all ages?

Onsite Virtual Care accepts all patients aged 3 and older.

What is the difference between Onsite Virtual Care and Virtual Care?

Onsite Virtual Care allows patients to speak one-on-one with our remote provider via our telemedicine cart while physically in one of our clinic locations.

Can Onsite Virtual Care providers treat the same conditions as an in-person provider visit?

Working together with an in-person medical staff, our remote providers can thoroughly evaluate and treat most non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses, with a few exceptions.

What injuries or illnesses CANNOT be treated with Onsite Virtual Care?

Currently, the following services are not available using Onsite Virtual Care:

  • A gynecological and genital examination
  • Procedures (e.g., sutures, splinting, abscess drainage, etc.)
  • Critical patients
  • Complex cases
  • Psychiatric assessments
  • Abdominal pain
  • Headache/Migraine
  • Musculoskeletal examinations
Are Occupational Medicine Services available through Onsite Virtual Care?

Occupational medicine services are currently not available through Onsite Virtual Care at this time.

How much does Onsite Virtual Care cost?

The visit and cost are the same as in-clinic fees.