Patient Testimonial

For us, there’s no greater satisfaction than hearing a patient is satisfied with the quality of care we provided. Below is an email from a patient who wanted to share their experience:

Physicians Immediate Care has literally been life changing to me over the last 18 -24 months. For years, I have neglected my personal health concerns as I simply didn’t have the time or convenience to go to the medical center and wait for my doctor appointment. As a father of 3, with a full-time workload, it was always something I couldn’t seem to make time for. 

I first went to Physicians Immediate Care 4 years ago simply due to its location by my work office. I went back and forth between different clinics and my primary physician for a couple years until Physicians Immediate care started the online appointment booking system. Since that happened, time is no longer an issue. I know when I can go in. I know how long it will take. I and I know I will see a quality caregiver to advise me on next steps. 

Simply put, Time is Money! and your organization has put me in a position to be more proactive with my personal healthcare and not worry about time as much

Good luck as your business grows and expands!

David B.