Rapid STD Testing and Treatment for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Clinics

With our new molecular chlamydia and gonorrhea testing, we will provide you results in less than 30 minutes.


  • Insurance: If you would like us to bill your insurance company, please know that STD/STI testing and treatment can be expensive, depending on your provider and plan. Not all insurance companies pay for preventative screening if you don’t have symptoms. For this reason, we have created a discounted rate for those patients that use our self-pay pricing option and pay at the time of service.
  • Self-Pay: We also offer straightforward self-pay pricing at a discounted rate.  Our rapid chlamydia & gonorrhea testing is Care Level 1 for self-pay:
    • Illinois – $165 *

*Please note that treatment may result in additional fees


Physicians Immediate Care offers rapid testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea at the below locations.  To reserve your time click the red button and choose physical or medical exam as the reason type:

Immediate results for testing of chlamydia & gonorrhea
4900 N. Cumberland Avenue Norridge, IL
4900 N. Cumberland Avenue Norridge, IL https://www.clockwisemd.com/hospitals/748/visits/new?locale=en
DeKalb / Sycamore
2496 DeKalb Ave. Sycamore, IL 
2496 DeKalb Ave. Sycamore, IL https://www.clockwisemd.com/hospitals/497/visits/new?locale=en
1702 N. Milwaukee Chicago, IL
1702 N. Milwaukee Chicago, ILhttps://www.clockwisemd.com/hospitals/249/visits/new?locale=en
6140 N. Broadway Chicago, IL
6140 N. Broadway Chicago, ILhttps://www.clockwisemd.com/hospitals/299/visits/new?locale=en
Lincoln Park on Diversey
933 W. Diversey Chicago, IL
933 W. Diversey Chicago, ILhttps://www.clockwisemd.com/hospitals/1070/visits/new?locale=en
North Center
3909 N. Western Chicago, IL
3909 N. Western Chicago, ILhttps://www.clockwisemd.com/hospitals/193/visits/new?locale=en
Old Town
121 W. North Ave Chicago, IL
121 W. North Ave Chicago, ILhttps://www.clockwisemd.com/hospitals/194/visits/new?locale=en
Six Corners
4211 N. Cicero Chicago, IL
4211 N. Cicero Chicago, ILhttps://www.clockwisemd.com/hospitals/300/visits/new?locale=en
West Loop
600 W Adams St. Chicago, IL
600 W Adams St. Chicago, ILhttps://www.clockwisemd.com/hospitals/316/visits/new?locale=en
Lincoln Park on Clybourn
2077 N. Clybourn Ave. Chicago IL
2077 N. Clybourn Ave. Chicago ILhttps://www.clockwisemd.com/hospitals/195/visits/new?locale=en
South Loop
825 South State St. Chicago, IL
825 South State St. Chicago, ILhttps://www.clockwisemd.com/hospitals/310/visits/new?locale=en