Our Commitment To You

The world around us has changed, but the need for great medical care has not.  Physicians Immediate Care continues to be guided by the simple goal of doing what is best for our medical teams, our patients, and our clients.

Services Returning To Indoor Clinics

In the early months of the pandemic, our Curbside Care Program was a fast, effective response to the new needs of our community. By screening and treating potential COVID-19 patients outside the clinic, we quickly created a safe environment for our patients and staff. This gave us the time we needed to further amplify our COVID-19 safety measures and prepare for a safe return to indoor services


No other urgent care/occupational medicine provider has invested in patient and staff safety like Physicians Immediate Care. Working with the healthcare engineering firm M/E1 Engineering, we have implemented the following advanced clinic enhancements which follow CDC  and ASHRAE guidelines:

State-Of-The-Art Air Purification Technology

We have upgraded our clinic's ventilation and purification system to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne infections. This enhanced system drastically lowers the level of contaminants in the air, through a process known as bipolar ionization and UVC air sterilization. This unique approach significantly improves our clinic air quality.

UV Sterilization

Physician Immediate Care uses UVC light system to kill harmful microorganisms and assist with the deep cleaning of exam rooms, procedure rooms, and waiting areas.

Ventilation System

Our dedicated ventilation systems, in key areas of the clinic, disperses air directly outside for additional protection.

In addition, please note the following safety changes:

Enhanced Cleaning Procedures

We’ve increased the frequency with which all our exam rooms and common areas are cleaned. All cleaning is done using EPA-approved, anti-viral cleaning solutions.

Face Coverings Required

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, all patients and staff are required to wear a face-covering over their nose and mouth while visiting our clinics. The only exception is for children under the age of two.

Maintaining Physical Distance

We’re making space for you at our check-in counters and waiting rooms. Signage and floor markers have been placed throughout our clinics to encourage patients to maintain physical distancing.


To better serve our patients and community, Physicians Immediate Care is now offering face-to-face virtual urgent care services from the comfort of your own home from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. Common illnesses and ailments that can be seen via a virtual visit include cough, pink eye, seasonal allergies, urinary tract infections, COVID-19 follow-up visits, and more.