Treating a High Fever

A fever is one way that the body defends against infections, and it can be effective. However, in some cases, the fever itself can become troublesome.

Very high fevers should be treated as an emergency condition, but even moderate fevers can make you feel miserable enough that you might seek out professional medical attention. At Physicians Immediate Care, we can help you recover by providing caring, professional treatment for your fever.

Our providers won’t just treat the fever; they’ll also check to see what underlying condition might have triggered your body’s defenses.

For fevers caused by colds or flu, which are viral infections, we can give advice for managing symptoms; for fevers resulting from bacterial infections, we can prescribe medications to help fight off the infection itself.

If you need treatment for a high fever, walk into any of the Physicians Immediate Care clinics near you. You can also contact us for further information and reserve your time online to help streamline your visit.