About Frostbite

Frostbite involves the freezing of tissue, usually in the hands, feet, ears, and other areas commonly exposed to cold weather conditions. Complications can range from minor pain once the tissues are thawed to the rare and unlikely need to amputate the affected area.

For people who have experienced mild or moderate frostbite Physicians Immediate Care provides effective treatment in a convenient and caring manner.


Treatment for frostbite can be provided at home, in a physician’s office, or in the hospital, depending on the severity of the patient’s condition. For mild frostbite, a typical treatment process can involve the following:

  • Gently rewarming the skin in a water bath to prevent further damage to the tissue.
  • Administer medication to ease any discomfort the thawing process can cause.
  • Carefully wrapping the injured area, protecting it from further exposure to the elements.

If you need treatment for minor frostbite cases, feel free to walk into any of the Physicians Immediate Care clinics near you. You can also contact us for further information and reserve your time online to help streamline your visit.