Click below for a list of our Civil Surgeons and the clinic location(s) available for your immigration medical exam.

Please note that the second exam is by appointment only to ensure the Civil Surgeon is available.

Bolingbrook -  Stephen S. Epner, M.D., William Zander, D.O., Ronald C Gregus, M.D.

Chicago/Bucktown - Arti Chawla, M.D.

Chicago/Clybourn - Kathya Chartre, M.D., Stephen S. Epner, M.D.

Chicago/Edgewater - Stephen S. Epner, M.D.

Chicago/Jefferson Park - Brian Hughes, M.D.

Chicago/Lincoln Park - Stephen S. Epner, M.D., Arti Chawla, M.D.

Chicago/Lincoln & Peterson - Claudia Bossie Weddaburne, M.D., Stephen S. Epner, M.D.

Chicago/West Loop - Stephen S. Epner, M.D., Arti Chawla, M.D.

Elgin - William Zander, D.O., Warren Wollin, D.O.

Frankfort - Kimberly Mitchell, M.D. Ronald C Gregus, M.D.

Norridge - Helena Podgorska, M.D., Brian Hughes, M.D.

Orland Park - Andy Dudas, D.O, Ronald C Gregus, M.D.

Rockford/East State Street - Alpa Boshku, M.D., Terry Buzzard, M.D.

Rockford/South Alpine Road - Terry Buzzard, M.D., Alpa Boshku, M.D.

Fort Wayne - Timothy Noel Moore, M.D.

Elkhart - Eugene Huang, M.D.