Same Day X-Ray Services

If you believe you or a loved one has a broken bone, stop by your local Physicians Immediate Care clinic—with or without an appointment. Each clinic is equipped with a digital x-ray system that our licensed Radiologic Technologists use to diagnose your injury and recommend the appropriate treatment. In the event of a severe fracture (i.e., bone piercing through the skin), please call 9-1-1 for emergency treatment.

Additional Diagnostics

Not only are we equipped to handle your x-ray needs, our clinics also have machinery for diagnosing problems with hearing, vision, and more. We have licensed technicians who can provide you with prompt and effective diagnostics using our:

  • Slit Lamp Machines (vision function)
  • Electrocardiograms (EKG—heart function)
  • Audiometric booths (hearing function)
  • Spirometers (lung function)

Feel free to walk into any Physicians Immediate Care clinic near you for an x-ray or other diagnostics. Contact us anytime for additional information and try our online reservation service to help streamline your visit.