Treating Abrasions

Abrasions, also known as scrapes, are wounds where one or more layers of your skin have been removed by rubbing or tearing. Most scrapes don’t bleed a lot, and they typically heal quickly. A minor scrape can be treated at home by keeping the wound clean while it heals.

If the scrape is large, deep, or contaminated, you should seek medical treatment.

Call a medical provider for your abrasion if:

  • The abrasion is on the face
  • Bleeding is heavy or hard to stop
  • There is numbness in the area of the wound
  • You think the wound may be contaminated
  • You’re not seeing daily improvement of the wound
  • There are signs of infection

Signs of infection include:

  • Increased pain, swelling, temperature, or redness
  • Red streaks
  • Pus
  • Fever

If you’re concerned about an abrasion, Physicians Immediate Care is here for you. Proper treatment can help prevent infection, scarring, and other complications. Our convenient locations are open extended hours for walk-ins and appointment reservations.

For abrasions and a wide variety of medical needs, we provide remarkable care you can count on.