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Please note that due to the delay in processing COVID-19 lab tests, we will no longer be offering this type of test.  All COVID-19 testing at Physicians Immediate Care will be done using the Abbott Lab Molecular PCR Tests rapid test.

How to get your test results

  • Sign up for MyQuest at QuestDiagnostics.com/MyQuest or click the link above.
  • Log in to your MyQuest account using the username and password that you chose when you signed up.
  • Select the “Verify Your Identity” option. Accept the Patient Authorization (HIPAA Authorization).
  • Complete the Identity Verification Process.
  • You’re set! You will now get your Quest Diagnostics test results through your MyQuest account.

If you don’t see your lab results after 1 week, email MyQuestSupport@QuestDiagnostics.com.

Our COVID-19 Support Team is available for your questions and concerns.


How To Read Your COVID-19 Lab Results

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