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PIC Core Values

A career in healthcare is a calling.  When you work at Physicians Immediate Care you make a difference, one life, one patient at a time.  There is something noble about helping people when they are most vulnerable, and a career at PIC offers the perfect opportunity for those who hear the calling, those that want to help others who are in need. 

Physicians Immediate Care needs you. Are you up for the challenge?


Patient Testimonials

"After noticing a few lumps on my neck which were accompanied by swollen tonsils, I decided to visit Physicians Immediate Care - Norridge for a quick checkup. Dr. Podgorska ordered a strep and mono tests, both of which were negative;  and ordered some additional blood tests. The following day I received a call from Dr. Podgorska instructing me to go to the ER immediately.  The ER ran a few more tests which led to a diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), an aggressive blood cancer. I was told I had about a week left to live if I did not start chemo immediately. Every single doctor I came in contact with told me how lucky I was to be diagnosed so quickly.  I am so thankful for Physicians Immediate Care and Dr. Podgorska, for saving my life that day."

"I visited your clinic in Rockford on State Street after not feeling well. They did an X-ray on October 1st and after they reviewed the results, they recommended that I get some more testing done at Rush. Rush found a small cancerous tumor. I had surgery and I am now cancer free. If I hadn't visited Physicians Immediate Care and had that initial x-ray… chances are I would be going on about my daily routine while the cancer grew."

"I wanted to share that I am very glad I came to the immediate care. I had some abdominal pain and the doctor at PIC suggested I go to the ER for scans, however, I was a little hesitant. I'm so glad I did go to the ER, I had to have immediate surgery to remove my appendix. I am very grateful for the service I received at Physicians Immediate Care."

"The doctor that I saw was very kind and was great. He gave me a proper diagnosis within just a few minutes and sent me to the ER - which probably saved my life. My appendix has ruptured.  A doctor that I had seen before PIC, at a different clinic, completely missed it and didn't even know I had appendicitis!  I would definitely recommend Physicians Immediate Care to other people."

"The whole staff was wonderful and I'm feeling much better. Our visit to Chicago was saved by your staff!!! Thank you!!!"

"I do not have a family Dr. Our family is so appreciative of your care for us!!!!"

"I wanted to add that I am an uninsured patient and I felt so grateful to have the front desk and physicians explain everything to me about payment, treat me like a person, and show compassion. It can be very very difficult to come in for care knowing you don't have the money, but I was treated so well that it affirmed that I made the right decision. Thank you!"

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