We understand when you’re searching for a new job, you’re worried about a lot of things: how will this fit in with my family life? In this economy, will the company still be here in ten years?

At Physicians Immediate Care, we strive to create careers, and not just jobs. If you’re worried about it, we’re worried about it, too. That’s why we’ve worked hard to build a culture that values integrity, teamwork and positive energy. Check out what our employees say about working at Physicians.

Our CEO, Stan Blaylock, on the Physicians Immediate Care growth plan.

Working at Physicians Immediate Care.

Our clinical team talks about how they have grown within the company.

Your family and life outside of work are a priority for us, too. Our team shares how Physicians helps them find balance.

Our founder and Medical Director for Occupational Medicine, Dr. Koehler, shares his thoughts about our organizational values.

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